New Year, New Trends

The global economic outlook may seem uncertain. However, marketing professionals remain optimistic about what’s on the horizon. They predict marketing budgets will grow by around 11-20% next year. That figure illustrates that many successful companies are already considering their 2023 digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have your strategy, now’s the time to get it done.

So to guide you in the right direction, we’ve put together our top predictions for the 2023 digital marketing trends.

Short Videos

TikTok is the breakthrough platform that put short-video video under the spotlight. And short-form videos (videos under a minute in length) are one of the hottest small business trends right now and one to watch in 2023. Short videos perform well as a marketing tool because they quickly capture viewers’ attention and keep them engaged.

They will be easier to share in 2023 as social media schedulers begin adding video formats to their publishing platforms. You can direct your content to the channels your customers currently visit and share something about your brand, your services or products, or your latest promotion.

2023 marketing trends will offer you plenty of creative marketing choices, too. You can use this format on social media via TikTok or Instagram reels, PPC ads, or your website. To make content popular and shareworthy, make it fun and quirky, or hop on to a recent social media trend.

Soundbite Messages

Whichever types of marketing methods you prefer, it’s ultimately your marketing copy that can make or break a campaign. Excellent copy is central to any promotion, whether advertising, social media, email, or your website.

Mobile browsing and unlimited internet access have increasingly distracted the average person. They can access a constant stream of online content. So as a business, your primary challenge is to figure out ways of communicating your message in a split second. Good copy means getting your message across in as few words as possible. In other words, you need a soundbite. A soundbite is a short, memorable takeaway (usually a short sentence) from a longer, more detailed message.

Use that principle when creating your promotional headlines. Split-test your copy when running ads to get feedback on the one that best works for your target customer.


LinkedIn recently reported record engagement rates on the platform, plus a 17% quarterly revenue rise. So if you want to hop onto a social media trend in 2023, LinkedIn could be a wise choice. If you are planning on growing a business in the B2B market, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for reaching out to other brands. So be sure to include it in your 2023 marketing budget.

To make the most of LinkedIn, create a company profile and add relevant content to your page. That could include industry news, product launch information, or client case studies.

You should also take advantage of LinkedIn ads. These ads are targeted, so providing that you thoroughly research your target customer, it offers you an excellent opportunity to reach more target customers.

2023 Digital Marketing Trends: Next Steps

Are you ready to grow your business next year? Use these 2023 digital marketing trends as your starting point, and create a strategy to help your business get noticed.

If you found these digital marketing tips helpful and want more support in putting together the right digital marketing strategy for your business, add your details to this form, and let’s chat.

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