QR Codes & Why You Should Using Them

Did you know that the QR code system was developed in the early 1990s by Masahiro Hara from Denso Wave, a Japanese business?

The initial design of the quick response code system was based on the black-and-white portions on a Go board. When invented by Hara, the purpose was to keep track of Denso’s manufactured automotive parts.

The QR code system replaced a more cumbersome system that included numerous bar codes on each box, which needed to be scanned separately.

Keep reading to learn why you should be using QR codes. If you have more questions afterward, get in touch with us at J&MAIN.

Take Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

One reason you should use QR codes is that doing so can help take your marketing efforts to the next level. Many of your competitors aren’t using QR codes, so you can differentiate yourself by effectively using them.

How can you do so? Leveraging QR code marketing, you can trigger the curiosity of your customers and partners. Again, many companies don’t use them. Try linking QR codes to interesting content or exclusive sale offers.

You can also use QR codes in print advertising, like posters, signs, and business cards.

As long as people have QR code software on their smartphones or mobile devices, they’ll be able to scan your QR codes. Going this route can add another critical component to your digital marketing efforts.

Target People on the Move With QR Codes

Another way using QR codes can enhance your marketing strategy is by making it possible to connect and communicate with consumers on the move.

Integrating QR codes, for instance, with your store signage is possible. So, you can easily send focused coupons to people patronizing your store. Your marketing team will be able to brainstorm marketing ideas involving QR codes.

Incorporating QR codes into your marketing plans will make it easy for people to quickly access your information on mobile devices and phones. Reaching people in their homes is one thing– but reaching them in-store is another. 

QR Code Scanner Lets People Easily Access Your Site

When you use QR codes for your business, your customers can use the QR code scanners on their smartphones to access your website without having to manually type in your website address.

Making it easier for customers to get to your website will increase their odds of visiting your online storefront and making purchasing decisions. So, including QR codes in your marketing strategies can ramp up conversion rate levels.

We Can Help Your QR Code Strategy With Mobile Tagging

Do you need help with your QR code strategy? At J&MAIN, we can help.

Let us show you how mobile tagging, which involves creating visual elements capable of being recognized by mobile devices, can transform your digital marketing strategy.

Whether you need help with developing a website, digital marketing, marketing strategies, or branding, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a full-service agency dedicated to helping businesses. Reach out to see for yourself.

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